One Steps to Publishing an Online HTML5 Magazine with a free flipbook software

In creating the PUB HTML5 flipbook publishing tool, has implemented several thoughtful design features to help people better understand the program. The software includes sophisticated functions for converting PDF, Microsoft Office, and OpenOffice files into realistic flipping books, adding templates and audio, and outputting them in various formats. Even novice users will find these simple. The company, nonetheless, has integrated many features to make the process easier.


The realistic 3D formats that are offered by PUB HTML5 Flipbook Software are all dependable in terms of visual effects. This kind of advantage will truly help a file to be more recognizable in the internet. As everyone knows, 3D formats are so cool because it can possibly help any type of file to become more creative which is good for advertisement and other related factors that affects its rate of popularity online.


PUB HTML5 allows users to customize the look of their publications or they can choose from a huge variety of templates. Once created, users can immediately publish their created flip books online, even if they do not have a website. For those who do have a website, they receive an embed code that they can paste into the webpage source code directly.  

The company provides different 3D eBook converters in order to cover other file systems such as Microsoft Word, Images and PowerPoint. At the moment, PUB HTML5 Software Co. offers 3D publications to different clients, including public and private organizations, unions and companies. The company considers that technology helps businessmen and their company interact with customers the only way clients and customers want to.







100% free digital magazine software to Convert PDF to HTML5 to Create Online Flipbooks

The PUB HTML5 is user-friendly software that batch converts ordinary PDF files into HTML5 booklets with impressive page flip animations and sound. This software is ideal for anyone publishing online books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, pamphlets and more. Versions for the software are available For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. Also for MAC is also available.screenshot-for-digital-flipBook-software-for-ipad1

The PUB HTML5 digital magazine software can create flip books that can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and other mobile devices. Interested individuals can use this tool to make flip books onto their local server or computer. They can also publish the flip books online on the cloud servers of the company. Aside from making Flash flip books, the software can easily make online interactive demonstrations and HTML5 flip books. The software can be installed and downloaded on PC. Thus, individuals can create as many publications as they want as well as control everything including the hosting and production of their publication. Online businesses can also use the software to show their products and server to clients in the form of flipping book on their websites.


In accordance to safe and at ease production of electronic files, all of the publishing operations that are being released by eFlip Solution are protected by very strong system that promotes proficient and high quality of defense against scams and potential virus. As users work with eFlip Solution, there is a great chance of having the assurance that all of their projects that are in line with the production system of this firm are all secured and well-protected that results into a continues creation of large entities of writings that are indeed remarkable, in relation to its accomplishment, after the hosting that is made by this publication firm.


About  provides low-cost solutions for editors and publishers looking to produce eBooks that include the popular page flipping feature. aims to provide excellent customer service while maintaining a reasonable price point. On average, is approximately 28% less expensive that its major competitors and its pricing are transparent; there are no hidden fees or add-ons.


100% html5 Instant Flipbook Maker – Digital Publishing Platform – FREE forever

PUB HTML5 has introduced a software that is certainly novel.  In a world that has become very dependent on tablets for educational and leisure purposes, it is a fact that more and more people may no longer have the unique experience of flipping through the pages of a book.  Adults may no longer have to worry about this since they have already experienced this in the past.  However, the younger generation is gradually deprived of the joys of flipping page after page.  The computer wizards at eFlip Software, however, have seen the need for a solution.  With the software that is called PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform, which they have created, kids can still enjoy reading PDF files the way they would with a real book.


With eFlip Standard, designers can more effectively improve e-book sales. The e-book market has seen an ever increasing volume of titles, with more published every day. A number of platforms have made them accessible to just about everyone, including iPad and Android users. With such high sales volumes and better tools to create e-books faster and easier, the prices have come way down, further boosting their popularity not only as leisure reading material, but for marketing and other business applications.



The software also features an .FBR output type. Users can set this type so that their flipbooks can be opened in readers which support the FBR file type. In addition, the software supports e-books created with the integrated Android APP Maker; these are output in .APK format, opening the door for even more people to read the e-book. Device and platform specific formats are commonplace and having a flipbook output in these can dramatically increase the available readership of an e-book, helping to increase exposure, sales, and brand recognition.



FlipBuilder, the developer of Flip PDF is dedicated in providing users the best product to ensure greater productivity. The company focuses in the simplicity use of powerful resources in every step of creating their software products. The PDF converter is just one of the powerful applications and tools that can convert almost any type of document into stunning flip books. Flip PDF is among the series of flip book software that the company provides to users to get their job done easily and quickly. The company offers 30 day money back guarantee to all customers as well as 100% guaranteed secure PDF converter.



Top 4 free CSS3 & HTML5 PDF to flipbook converters for Digital Publishing Platform

PUB HTML5, a digital publishing platform for web, mobile and tablet, boasts several features that will enable publishers to create realistic, professional and easy-to-use eBooks in a timely and cost-effective manner. With eFlip Standard, publishers can create unlimited digital publicatioscreen_star_trails01ns from PDFs, Microsoft Office and Open Office. In addition, they can host over 250 eBooks while safely sharing any publication instantly.


Among the features of PUB HTML5 that will help increase eBooks sales for Web, mobile and tablet pc platforms include the following, realistic 3D page flip, easy and secure hosting for up to 5GB free storage account of online publication, Android app expandable, can be integrated with flipbook App builder, run in different types of mobile phone environment, has over 20 template designs for easier flipbook creation, it can be shared in the form of HTML, EXE, Flash, ZIP, APP and CD.


There are several options for publishing a flipbook online. Users can add special code to their website to integrate the e-book or post a link to it on social media. The company’s Upload Online Server provides an easy way to publish the flipbook on the Internet if one does not have a website. Special tools are also included to track its performance on the Web, using Google Analytics to monitor various metrics for marketing purposes. This function allows user to see how much traffic each page of the flipbook gets online to understand the interests of readers and adjust the content or marketing strategy accordingly.


PUB HTML5 also enables users to choose from multiple output options. This includes ZIP, EXE, HTML, APP and FBR. This also enables users check the mobile version to create an output page-flipping ebook that could work on various mobile devices such as on Android, iPhone and iPad. The new digital publishing tool also allows users to burn flip books to CD and make Android apps using its Android App Creator