Top 4 free CSS3 & HTML5 PDF to flipbook converters for Digital Publishing Platform

PUB HTML5, a digital publishing platform for web, mobile and tablet, boasts several features that will enable publishers to create realistic, professional and easy-to-use eBooks in a timely and cost-effective manner. With eFlip Standard, publishers can create unlimited digital publicatioscreen_star_trails01ns from PDFs, Microsoft Office and Open Office. In addition, they can host over 250 eBooks while safely sharing any publication instantly.


Among the features of PUB HTML5 that will help increase eBooks sales for Web, mobile and tablet pc platforms include the following, realistic 3D page flip, easy and secure hosting for up to 5GB free storage account of online publication, Android app expandable, can be integrated with flipbook App builder, run in different types of mobile phone environment, has over 20 template designs for easier flipbook creation, it can be shared in the form of HTML, EXE, Flash, ZIP, APP and CD.


There are several options for publishing a flipbook online. Users can add special code to their website to integrate the e-book or post a link to it on social media. The company’s Upload Online Server provides an easy way to publish the flipbook on the Internet if one does not have a website. Special tools are also included to track its performance on the Web, using Google Analytics to monitor various metrics for marketing purposes. This function allows user to see how much traffic each page of the flipbook gets online to understand the interests of readers and adjust the content or marketing strategy accordingly.


PUB HTML5 also enables users to choose from multiple output options. This includes ZIP, EXE, HTML, APP and FBR. This also enables users check the mobile version to create an output page-flipping ebook that could work on various mobile devices such as on Android, iPhone and iPad. The new digital publishing tool also allows users to burn flip books to CD and make Android apps using its Android App Creator





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