100% html5 Instant Flipbook Maker – Digital Publishing Platform – FREE forever

PUB HTML5 has introduced a software that is certainly novel.  In a world that has become very dependent on tablets for educational and leisure purposes, it is a fact that more and more people may no longer have the unique experience of flipping through the pages of a book.  Adults may no longer have to worry about this since they have already experienced this in the past.  However, the younger generation is gradually deprived of the joys of flipping page after page.  The computer wizards at eFlip Software, however, have seen the need for a solution.  With the software that is called PUB HTML5 Digital Publishing Platform, which they have created, kids can still enjoy reading PDF files the way they would with a real book.


With eFlip Standard, designers can more effectively improve e-book sales. The e-book market has seen an ever increasing volume of titles, with more published every day. A number of platforms have made them accessible to just about everyone, including iPad and Android users. With such high sales volumes and better tools to create e-books faster and easier, the prices have come way down, further boosting their popularity not only as leisure reading material, but for marketing and other business applications.



The software also features an .FBR output type. Users can set this type so that their flipbooks can be opened in readers which support the FBR file type. In addition, the software supports e-books created with the integrated Android APP Maker; these are output in .APK format, opening the door for even more people to read the e-book. Device and platform specific formats are commonplace and having a flipbook output in these can dramatically increase the available readership of an e-book, helping to increase exposure, sales, and brand recognition.



FlipBuilder, the developer of Flip PDF is dedicated in providing users the best product to ensure greater productivity. The company focuses in the simplicity use of powerful resources in every step of creating their software products. The PDF converter is just one of the powerful applications and tools that can convert almost any type of document into stunning flip books. Flip PDF is among the series of flip book software that the company provides to users to get their job done easily and quickly. The company offers 30 day money back guarantee to all customers as well as 100% guaranteed secure PDF converter.



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