100% free digital magazine software to Convert PDF to HTML5 to Create Online Flipbooks

The PUB HTML5 is user-friendly software that batch converts ordinary PDF files into HTML5 booklets with impressive page flip animations and sound. This software is ideal for anyone publishing online books, magazines, catalogues, brochures, pamphlets and more. Versions for the software are available For Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP. Also for MAC is also available.screenshot-for-digital-flipBook-software-for-ipad1

The PUB HTML5 digital magazine software can create flip books that can be viewed on iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC and other mobile devices. Interested individuals can use this tool to make flip books onto their local server or computer. They can also publish the flip books online on the cloud servers of the company. Aside from making Flash flip books, the software can easily make online interactive demonstrations and HTML5 flip books. The software can be installed and downloaded on PC. Thus, individuals can create as many publications as they want as well as control everything including the hosting and production of their publication. Online businesses can also use the software to show their products and server to clients in the form of flipping book on their websites.


In accordance to safe and at ease production of electronic files, all of the publishing operations that are being released by eFlip Solution are protected by very strong system that promotes proficient and high quality of defense against scams and potential virus. As users work with eFlip Solution, there is a great chance of having the assurance that all of their projects that are in line with the production system of this firm are all secured and well-protected that results into a continues creation of large entities of writings that are indeed remarkable, in relation to its accomplishment, after the hosting that is made by this publication firm.


About pubhtml5.com


http://pubhtml5.com/  provides low-cost solutions for editors and publishers looking to produce eBooks that include the popular page flipping feature. http://pubhtml5.com/ aims to provide excellent customer service while maintaining a reasonable price point. On average, http://pubhtml5.com/ is approximately 28% less expensive that its major competitors and its pricing are transparent; there are no hidden fees or add-ons.


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